According to, the translation of braquage in English is "robbery". Basically, an aggravated or armed robbery is the taking of property by force or by implied force. A robbery can be a very traumatic experience for the victims and the witnesses to the incident -- even for the families and friends of the former and the latter. So how can an individual prevent a robbery, and what should he or she do in the event that it does happen?

Safety is the number one concern. People should be fully aware of their surroundings as well as their security. When it comes to the security of a home or businesses, it is important to plan for the possibility of a robbery; a security system that not only provides protection, but peace of mind as well. People should also think of several scenarios that could occur in their homes; and from there, create a procedure that is easy for them to follow. These will help reduce risk and losses (or prevent them altogether) as well as help people be prepared should a robbery occur -- they can even help prevent injury or death.

During a robbery, survival is the one thing that people should keep in mind. If people find themselves in a robbery situation, their primary goal is to make sure that the robber leaves ASAP, without harming or killing anyone. So follow these guidelines: Remain calm (however difficult it is) and try to avoid jerky and fast movements; cooperate with the robber and give him what he wants -- only do so when told; be a good witness and try to note the robber's description (or distinguishing characteristics) without staring; make a mental list of what he has taken; avoid doing anything that would prolong the robbery.

After the robbery, do not be a hero and try to follow or chase the robber, as it would only end in one of two ways: putting oneself at risk or putting other people at unnecessary risk. So try to do the following: know the direction where the robber has fled, including vehicle details if it would not put anyone in danger; call 911 and ask for the Police to be dispatched (as soon as it is safe to do so); close and lock the doors and gates and refrain from touching any object from the scene; it is very important to be able to provide the Police with as much information as possible so write down the robber's description, the details of his getaway vehicle etc., so no detail will be missed; tell the Police about it after their on-site investigation.